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Some people wonder who we are and how we started in this business.  So here is the story in short form.

My husband and I have 7 children.  We started marriage with the idea of having  4 or 5 children.  But God chose to bless us with more.  He packed them in tightly too, because my oldest was not quite 8 years old when I delivered my youngest.  So needless to say, before we were acquainted with essential oils, when one child became sick, it really traveled through the whole crew quickly.  Our family was well known in the local doctors' office.

We had alot of the normal childhood sickness; bronchitis, ear infections, common colds, flu, poison ivy rashes, allergies (our child that was prematurely born a month early without properly developed lungs has allergies the worst), and we thought asthma........  Two of our children had ear tubes surgically inserted because the ear infections were so continuous.  Oh, had I only known about essential oils then!  Doctors had us continually using steroids for our son with "asthma" (which we hated - you know, the nebulizer, albuterol, saline solution and prednisone type aerosol treatments), but after much research and putting things together in my head, we (my husband and I) have re-diagnosed the "asthma" as allergies, and now treat it very effectively with essential oils.  It was totally manageable and under his control (at the age of 8).  He's the guy in the red t-shirt in the front of the picture.

One January evening, we invited a family over for supper, and they brought some of their essential oils along with a great reference book.  This was the first I had ever seen or heard of essential oils.  They told us about the oil's uses and said we just had to try them.  Well, a cold was starting around our family at that point.  So I started rubbing everyone's feet down with some of these oils.  By the end of the week, I was weary from applying oils to 9 pair of feet, but we were incredibly improved.  We couldn't believe the results. (These days, they all put their own oils on.)

After returning the oils to our friends, we searched out their source, clear up in Michigan.  We live in Ohio and it was a bit of a drive.  We never bought any oils there, but did travel there and learned a lot.  The oils seemed very expensive to me, knowing how quickly we could use up a bottle with our big family size.  I went online, searching out some quality oils at better prices and ordered some from a couple of companies, but I was still looking for better options. 

In all my searching, I came across many good and not so good suppliers.  I checked a bunch of books out of the library on essential oils and started researching.  Once figuring out our son's "asthmatic allergy" problems and using oils that proved miraculous, we were totally sold on essential oils.  We decided to open a shop. We wanted out entire community to know about these natural wonders. I started contacting groups/distillers internationally in hopes of buying bulk.  (But without being at their location and without being a chemist, I didn't know who to trust for quality.)

I also checked local health stores' essential oils.  I was not impressed.  Realizing the amazing results of these oils and seeing the need for a good supplier in our area, we hired a chemist and opened for business May 1 of 2007. 

I am thankful to say, we have now found some terrific essential oil suppliers.  Every barrel is checked for pesticides and any other monkey business before being accepted.  You will find no impurities in the oils we sell.  Our chemist tests the oils thoroughly for quality, purity, to make sure that the oil is the oil the distillers said it is, for each chemical constituent that should be in the chemical makeup of the oil, etc...  I can check the GC/MS analysis of each essential oil before I accept it, and can furnish you a copy upon request.

We see this business as a ministry really.  Helping people to better health, in a natural way - without all those negative side effects, and making it a financially feasible alternative for people (with no multi-level company craziness) is our goal. We are not associated with any multi-level oil company and do our own formulating and bottling. This keeps costs down so we can pass the savings on to you. We are providing extremely high quality oils and products at prices that most everyone finds affordable.  We are educating people on alternatives to medicine practiced today by teaching classes from time to time.  The Oil Shoppe tailor-makes oil blends for specific health needs upon request.  We listen to health concerns, research out the best options for them, and then keep track of results.

If you live in Northwest Ohio, I invite you to come to our store to check out our retail shop.  Find hours and directions under the All About Health Store category.   And if you are ever traveling through our "neck of the woods", feel free to stop in and say hello.  We enjoy meeting our customers!

The picture on this page is our family on a vacation in Michigan along the "big lake", back in August, 2008.

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