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Vita-Flex Technique: Taking reflexology to a whole new level

A simple method to super-charge your aromatherapy work

Let's say that you're experiencing some digestive distress and you're looking for a quick, simple and non-toxic way to feel relief.  You've heard that some essential oils, like peppermint or the digestive blend, are supposed to be helpful; but just what is the most effective way to apply these oils for the most targeted results?

The answer?  The Vita-Flex Technique.

Coupled with the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils, the Vita-Flex Technique is a truly amazing way to direct the power of the oils to specific body systems.  It can often provide instantaneous relief: physically, mentally and emotionally.  It's one of the simplest ways to super-charge your aromatherapy work to produce profound effects and optimize your health.

What is the Vita-Flex Technique?

The Vita-Flex Technique is an exciting variation on reflexology.  Though its history is uncertain, it's believed to pre-date acupuncture, and to have originated in Tibet.  It was brought to the attention of the western world by Stanley Burroughs, in his book, Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.

The background of energetic healing arts

In what is possibly the first medical book ever written, the physician to China's Yellow Emperor explained how a person's life-force (Xi or chi) flowed through identifiable channels in the body (called meridians), and that by stimulating specific points along these meridians, you could influence their corresponding body systems.  This was done through the insertion of needles in a system known as acupuncture.

Related to this are acupressure and reflexology, where specific points are stimulated in a non-invasive application of finger-tip pressure.  If you've ever experienced any of these by a qualified practitioner, you know how really effective they can be.

The Vita-Flex Technique is a related art, and works on the same principles as the better-known reflexology.  However, instead of applying firm pressure to the reflexology points, Vita-Flex uses a gentle rolling motion (see below).  From some people's experience, this technique maximizes the energetic effect, while avoiding the negative effects of the interruption of circulation and cell death that you get with reflexology — and is a much more comfortable experience.

Making the Vita-Flex Technique even better

Now, in a giant leap forward in natural healing methods, Gary Young has coupled the Vita-Flex Technique with the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils, to bring to you a truly amazing modality for optimizing your health.  While Vita-Flex has significant healing potential by itself, the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils with this technique amplifies its effectiveness many times over.  Really, Vita-Flex should always be done with the oils, and the oils are best applied with Vita-Flex

And, to maximize the therapeutic effect even more, Vita-Flex has been incorporated as part of the RainDrop Technique®.  Used as part of the RainDrop Technique®, Vita-Flex helps join together aromatherapy and massage for truly remarkable therapeutic benefits.

How to Perform the Vita-Flex Technique:

For the most effective application of therapeutic-grade essential oils, use the Vita-Flex Technique.  Here are the basics of this wonderful healing modality.

  • Select the essential oil(s) most appropriate for your needs.  (The Pocket Essential Oils Desk Reference is the ideal tool for this.)
  • Put 3-6 drops (or more) in the palm of your non-dominant hand, and with the fingers of your dominant hand, stir the oils in a clockwise direction at least three times.
The Vita-Flex Technique start position

Then, with the essential oil you have chosen on the finger tips,

  • Place the pads of the fingers beside the reflexology points to be worked.
  • Roll up onto the finger tips, applying slightly more pressure at the top of the roll.  At this position, energy is "fired" into the reflexology points being worked, somewhat analogous to a spark plug firing in a gas engine.  Then …
  • Continue to roll the fingers over onto the nails.  This breaks the circuit, essentially sealing the energy in, so that it can travel throughout the recipient's body.
  • Release by rolling the fingers back to the starting position.
The Vita-Flex Technique finish position

This action should be performed at least three times.  If you are working a larger area (like the spine points or the colon points in the instep of the feet — see the diagram below), move up about a finger-width after each roll; but return and perform the action to the whole area at least three times.

Doing the Vita-Flex Technique on other parts of the body

While the Vita-Flex Technique is most generally performed on the feet, it can also be used to great effect on almost any other part of the body.

Doing Vita-Flex on the back, along the spine
Using the thumbs to perform Vita-Flex along the spine to affect different body systems.

Using the Associated Points: One very effective way to use the Vita-Flex Technique is to use it to apply therapeutic-grade essential oils to the Associated Points along the spine.  (The Essential Oils Desk Reference includes a chart of these points, for your reference.)  These are the points at which the nerves branch out to the various organs of the body, and are also associated with the meridians governing these organs.  By applying the oils to these points, using Vita-Flex, you can speed the benefits of the oils along the electrical impulses of the nerve pathways.

Applying along meridians: Another very effective way to use Vita-Flex is to apply the oils along the meridians, using an oil or oil blend most suited for the body system you are targeting.  One application I've used to very good success is to apply the digestive blend along the large intestine meridian, from the tip of the index finger to the elbow.  Of course, there are many other possible applications following this principle.

And, because you're working points that specifically correspond to particular body systems, when therapeutic-grade essential oils are applied in this way, the benefits of the oils are enhanced many times over.

The enhancing effect of essential oils on the Vita-Flex Technique

Different essential oils have properties that support different body systems.  These work the most effectively if applied to the Vita-Flex points corresponding to those body systems — with or without the Vita-Flex action.

For more information on this, see the Pocket Essential Oils Desk Reference.  This tool is very highly recommended.

Chart of Vita-Flex points

The following is the Vita-Flex chart, showing which points activate which body systems.

Vita-Flex chart of feet
This information taken from Health-Essentials web site.
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