Dill Essential Oil


Cool, spicy, toasty, fresh aroma. Appetizing, carminative, clears congestion and lifts the spirits.

Locker rooms and field houses across the nation are beginning to smell like pickles.  Athletes are drinking dill juice for its anti-spasmodic effect on muscles.  No more charlie horses.  Why does it work?  It's because of the dill essential oil in the juice.  If you can't stomach dill pickle juice, just rub some dill essential oil on the cramping muscle area - either as a preventative or as an almost instant relief.  My husband keeps it on the night stand so he can grab it in the middle of the night when he wakes up with a cramp.  Best part is, besides the fact that it works so fast, you don't have any soreness or pain afterward that is generally the after-effect of those cramps.

Dill fragrance calms the autonomic nervous system and, when diffused with Roman Chamomile, combats ADHD.

Antidiabetic, insulin/blood sugar regulator, pancreatic stimulant. Use for liver deficiencies.  Dill seed oil inhibits the growth of several bacteria that attach to the digestive tract.  This oil is so strongly antibacterial that it inhibits organisms such as Bacillus anthracis.  Dill contains various phytochemicals that act as insecticides; enhance estrogen levels; fight infection, bacteria, and insects; and act as a uterine relaxant. 

The herb Dill has been used traditionally as a remedy for cancer and estrogen deficiency, and research supports dill's three-thousand-year use as a digestive aid and remedy for excessive intestinal gas (flatulence).

Dill oil, India  This stuff is amazing!  But I guarantee, you will smell like a pickle.  But who cares when it works so well!

Has a fresh, warm, spicy-herbal aroma that is most recognizable in dill pickles. There are similar nuances in caraway and spearmint because of a few shared natural constituents. Naturally occurring substances are carvone, limonene, and dihydrocarvone and trace amounts of eugenol, anisic aldehyde, anethole and thymol. Most American Dill weed oil is used in the pickle industry.

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