Dandelion Root Herb, loose 1 oz.


The Human DustBuster and Liver Stimulant

Dandelion Root Tea is best for sluggish digestion, constipation, and mild liver insufficiency.  For sluggish digestion, it increases digestive gland activity, which causes speedy digestion, absorption, and excretion of waste.  For constipation, dandelion tea increases bile production.  Bile has a natural laxative effect, so constipation improves and waste excretion is increased.  For mild liver insufficiency, the tea activates blood-cleansing liver cells.  If your liver is performing suboptimally, dandelion can be used to give it gentle encouragement.

Drink 1 cup of Dandelion root tea three times a day for one month and then for one week each month thereafter.

Dandelion root contains a collection of compounds that stimulate waste removal on several levels.  Some compounds increase liver filtration, others kidney filtration, and others still the immune system and the sells that make it up!  Dandelion is a mild laxative.  However, its laxative effect is rooted in its detoxifying action.  As the liver cleanses the blood, it deposits the waste products into the bile.  The liver then ships the bile into the gallbladder and the gallbladder ships the bile into the intestine.  Out go the toxins.  Bile has many physiological actions, including a laxative effect.  All this is to say that you get two for the price of one when you take dandelion:  increased liver cleansing and a reduction of constipation.

Dandelion root (taraxacum officinalis) 1 oz. of root

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