Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

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New low price! Sweet, uplifting apple-like aroma. Relaxing and strongly soothing. Imparts a sense of well-being. Relieves hayfever type allergies. Great for relieving stress and anxiety; sedative for sleep disturbances. Gentle oil for the young and fragile. Helps with preoperative anxiety and PMS. Help for colicky babies when diluted properly.

Chamomile oil, Roman, USA

  It is a pale blue, mobile liquid with a sweet herbaceous somewhat fruity-warm tealeaf-like odor.

   Roman Chamomile blends well with Bergamot, Jasmine bases, Labdanum products, Neroli oil, Clary Sage oil, and Oakmoss products.

  The pale blue color of the Roman Chamomile is due to the presence of a hydrocarbon, Chamazulene. Chamomile oils are different from other oils analytically because they have the highest ester value of all essential oils known; about 300. This is because of a high content of butyl-, amyl-, and hexyl esters of tiglic and angelic acids. The ester content is over 80 percent. These esters are responsible for the unique odor of Chamomile oils.

This is one of the best prices on the market for Roman Chamomile essential oil and the quality is top of the line.  Take advantage of this great value.

According to an article put out by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Roman Chamomile is one of the Top 10 Essential Oils.  According to them, "Roman Chamomile, Antheus nobilis: (is) very relaxing, and can help with sleeplessness and anxiety.  Also good for muscle aches and tension.  Useful in treating wounds and infection."

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