"The Right Start" Pregnancy Kit


You can get through your pregnancy like a champ, the healthiest way possible.  Here is a basic aromatherapy kit just for the pregnant woman.  Get started on the right path with Organic Lavender, Soothing Baby and Organic Peppermint.  A 5 ml bottle of each.

Peppermint is to relieve morning sickness or any nausea.  For morning sickness, apply on or behind ears, down jaw bone, over stomach as a compress, on bottom of feet, on hands (rub together and smell), or put a drop on your pillow.  Inhale it often.  Peppermint can also be useful to soothe aches and pains during pregnancy.  Dilute it 1:1 with a pure carrier oil and massage into area of inflammation.  Peppermint can keep nasty headaches at bay and is a good digestive aid.  (Avoid if you have a high blood pressure problem.)

Use Lavender for stress and anxiety relief, but also to give you a boost of natural energy when you need it.  Lavender is wonderful diffused, rubbed on, and dripped in a warm bath.  Lavender stimulates circulation, is a natural antibiotic, is anti-inflammatory and is antispetic - so is all things healthy.  Use it for everything!

Soothing Baby is another stress reliever during pregnancy for mom and during delivery for dad.  Soothing Baby should be rubbed on your tummy every day to reduce the possibility of stretch marks and possibly eliminate them altogether.  Soothing Baby, rubbed on the perineum three times a day for the last 2-3 weeks of your pregnancy, will give more elasticity and help you avoid an episiotomy.

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