ART.-C Herbal Extract Blend 4 oz.


Arthritis Relief Team- Castro - (ART.-C by Pure Herbs)

 was developed through use and experience to solve the agonies of arthritis and joint pain. Flexibility and erasing lingering pain are big concerns for arthritis sufferers. To address these concerns and the entire picture of what is known as "arthritis" we have ART.-C. Here we have the pairing of formulas to form a "team."

One of the team members is the long established Research Formula and the second is the very capable help mate combination known as ART.-C. The Sea Vegetables, Algae and Minerals, which make up the Research Formula, can be counted on for the qualities of an electromagnetic energy balance for the solar plexus (body center) as well as to chase away fatigue and act as an antibiotic and prevent infections.

When we add ART.-C to this, we have a powerful team. They truly bring out the best in each other. ART.-C contributes its capable assist with an herbal combination of the "joint lubricator" desert herb, Yucca, as well as Devil's Claw and African Aloe for activators along with the anti-stress herb Licorice Root. 


Copied from
Herbs for You - Build Better Health Naturally by Dr. A.B. Howard

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