Mullein Herbal Extract 4 oz.


Pure Herbs Mullein is beneficial for the maintenance of healthy connective tissue and supporting a healthy circulatory system. It helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Mullein is of great service to repair chronic, long existing joint problems. It is applied liberally to the joint(s) in trouble, 3 to four times per day, until well. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, apply Mullein daily, at least twice per day to areas of stress. For those losing larger amounts of weight when dieting, to prevent stretch lines, the same is advised.

For relief of earache and ear pressures, soak a cotton ball with Mullein and insert into the ear canal(s). Leave in overnight. Insert a fresh cotton ball with oil in the morning for the daytime. Repeat as necessary until well.

4 oz. Glass bottle with glass dropper

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