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Corn silk, the soft tassel emerging from the top of an ear of corn as it matures, has a number of health uses. If left on the cob, it will brown and wither, indicating that the corn is ready to harvest. For use in herbal medicines and supplements, pick the corn silk tassels when they are still yellow and shiny and allow them to dry.


Cornsilk has a high concentration of potassium (Vitamin K), and is a powerful diuretic. It can be used to treat many problems with the urinary tract, and is helpful for kidney stones, cystitis, and problems with urine flow. It can be used to sooth the lining of the urinary tract, and help relieve pain and difficulty with urination. Cornsilk also helps to prevent frequent urination, such as bed-wetting in children.


In China, cornsilk is often used to treat fluid retention and even jaundice. Research has shown that cornsilk may cause the production of bile and improve liver function and blood-clotting as well as lower blood pressure and help treat gouty arthritis by removing excess fluid from the body. Corn silk is also useful in treating gonorrhea, hardening of the arteries, mumps, and gall bladder stones


A standard dosage of corn silk is up to 30g, steeped in boiling water and sipped as a tea. Corn silk should not be used if you're already taking medications for blood clotting.

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