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Nearly all herbal books refer to the elder as "the medicine chest of the country folk". Among the claims found in a number of herbal and historical references are the following:

Traditionally elderflower was used as to build the immune system by clearing toxins thru the lymph glands.

For respiratory problems, this flower was used to treat asthmatics in the days before "modern" medication; and as an expectorant to clear inflamed mucous membranes.

In spring, elderflower concentrate, also known as elderflower cordial, was used to relieve the symptoms of allergies to pollens and to reduce the effects of sinusitis.

Elderflower tea was used as a blood purifier; and as a tonic or ointment to fade freckles or skin blemishes. Many modern skin tonics still contain elder flowers.

A lot of people appreciate its effect to soothe a sore throat or "to knock a cold on the head".

Make a tea by putting one teaspoon of the loose herb in with a cup of hot water. Let steep for 2 minutes and strain. Drink with honey or lemon to flavor.

Here are a few other uses for elder flowers:
The flower heads can be fried in batter, made into cordials or summer drinks and to add flavor to stewed fruits, jellies and jams.

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