Rain Drop Dew Facial Cream


Now known as Rain Drop Dew.  Ingredients of : Organic Frankincense, Lavender, Rosewood, Cypress, Sage, Geranium, Rose and Sandalwoods essential oils blended in a cream made of avocado, sweet and bitter almond, coconut and vitamin E oils. For dry, mature, and wrinkled skin. Use as a daily moisturizer.  Formerly known as Wrinkles Away.

This is the moisturizer for the 20's and 30's crowd.  It's wonderful!!  You'll love the aroma.  Try the Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Lotion for an unscented moisturizer (that I even like to use on my hands). 

Now if you are 40 or older (like me), you should possibly use the DMAE & MSM Serum for your daily moisturizer of dry skin types, although I have always had skin on the dry side.  I live in Ohio where it is very dry in the winter and a bit humid in the summer.  I used to switch to the Rain Drop Dew in the summer and back to the Serum in the winter.  Now that I am well into my 40's, I use the Rain Drop Dew only on the most humid days in the summer.

2 oz. jar.

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