Mint Essential Oil


Scientific Name: Mentha arvensis
a.k.a.:  Cornmint essential oil, Peppermint Japanese
Country of Origin:  India
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation        
Safety:  Generally considered safe.
Color: Pale off white to light yellow 
Strength of Aroma: Medium to strong.
Caution:  Peppermint Japanese can be sensitizing due to its high menthol content.

Biblical References: Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42 

Greek Word: Strongs #2238 heduosmon {hay-doo'-os-mon}
Meaning:  1) sweet smelling, garden mint 1a) a kind of small odoriferous herb, with which the Jews used to scatter on the floors of their houses and synagogues

5 ml bottle.

Cornmint oil, India has a clean penetrating scent with a strong menthol kick. It lacks the sweetness of peppermint and the earthiness of pennyroyal but it is warm and pleasant.

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