Pure Essential Oils

Discover the aromatic, volatile, distilled liquids of certain plants known and esteemed for their therapeutic qualities.

Lab Evaluation & Consultations

Tired of getting the run-around from medical professionals?  Need a second opinion? Want to use an alternative approach to get healthy?

Master Iridologist and Certified Functional Medicine Specialist Coach Caroline uses blood work you already have to analyze, evaluate, and formulate a plan to put you on the path to health.  She’ll tailor-make recommendations just right for your body to deal with the root cause of your current health issues.

Recommended Supplements

Only the best here!  Get professional quality supplements – Coach Caroline stands behind them and recommends them to all her clients.

Natural Health for the Home

Keep natural goodness inside and outside of your body.  Surround yourself with it! Protect yourself with it!

Welcome to The Oil Shoppe

Aroma. It’s the main ingredient in the wide range of essential oils we offer.

If a product earns the TOS label, you can count on it being of the highest quality. Therapeutic essential oils are 100% natural and fifty times more powerful than herbs. They are quick acting and so easy to use.

Amazing how pure essential oils have an aroma that differs so greatly from the fragrance oils being used in common, everyday products, isn’t it? That may be the first thing that strikes you as you open your newly arrived order from The Oil Shoppe. What you will love most, though, are the rapid therapeutic benefits you’ll receive from these fantastic quality oils.


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Together, studies of herbs, nutrition, a masters degree in iridology, and a functional medicine blood work analysis specialization provide Coach Caroline with powerful healing tools and a knowledge base that brings the future of natural medicine to her clients today.

Learn More About Essential Oils

Whether you are a newbie essential oil user or have been applying them for years, there is always something to learn in the vast field of aromatherapy. Make sure you are applying them safely and in the proper manner. Help is just a click away. Respect these powerful medicines that oils are. Using too much or too little could render them useless. It’s important to use just the right amount and in the proper dilution so your cells can put the oil to work. Click on some fun recipes and get creative. The wonderful world of aromatherapy awaits you!