Instant Crystal Honey Ginger Tea, Extra Strength


Ginger, which has been used as a substitute of Ginseng for the poor, has been taken as a daily essential for thousands of years in ancient Asia. The Chinese believed ginger has the natural compounds that help ease some stomach issues such as indigestion, motion sickness, and/or nausea. Tea brewed from ginger is also used of as a remedy for symptoms of the common cold.

This high quality ginger tea is prepared from the finest ingredients and is processed with a new technique that allows the fragrance and all the natural essences of ginger to be preserved. Instant Crystal Honey Ginger Tea is non-caffeinated and naturally flavored with a hint of honey for sweetness, making this aromatic tea an ideal beverage for anytime of the day, not just for medicinal use. This “extra strength” tea contains a bolder ginger flavor compared to our regular Instant Crystal Honey Ginger Tea (L). Also try it naturally sweetened with sugar cane with our Instant Ginger Tea.

Ingredient list:  Fresh Ginger Extract, Sugar, Honey.  Expiration date:  12/31/2011.  Still fresh and delicious in its sealed packets.


This tea is 100% natural. No artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives are added.

Made in China.  10 packets.

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