Rainy Day Herbal Tea


Rainy Day Herbal contains a mixture of Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Red Raspberry leaf, Oatstraw, and Elderberry. Combined, these make a delicious antidepressant and stress-relieving tea: Just the thing to bring a little cheer to a cloudy day!

Lemon Balm is a nerve-soothing and stomach-settling herb. It has a wonderful lemon scent and adds a pleasant taste to this particular tea. It is used to calm tension, raise the spirits, and relieve depression, insomnia, nervousness, and tension headaches. It also helps with digestive problems, especially those stress-related.

Lemongrass has an unmistakable scent you can almost always identify when it is used in a tea. It has also been used to treat indigestion and anxiety. With its mild sedative properties, it’s an effective relaxant for those under stress or suffering from insomnia.

Red Raspberry leaf, like most herbs, can be used for numerous different things. In this case it is a nourishing herb used to help treat fatigue. Lack of energy is a very common problem, and I love finding healthy things to build my energy level. Red Raspberry also adds a delightful taste.

Oatstraw has a subtle flavor that you will hardly be able to notice in this blend, yet it has an important role. It is another herbal answer for anxiety and mood swings. Because it is rich in calcium and magnesium, it can be used for both physical and nervous fatigue, while helping to fight depression as well.

Elderberry adds flavor while helping boost the immune system. Sometimes a cold rainy day can bring with it a chill that becomes a full blown cold or even the flu. Elderberry is used to fight against these problems and, if consumed in advance, can even help stop these issues from evolving.

A lightly lemon tasting refreshing cup of tea, hot or iced!

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