Whole Apricot by Pure Herb Ltd.


Properties and Uses: Glandular areas, cancer preventative, Vitamin B-17 source, moles.


Bodily Influences: Dr. Ernest J. Krebs, a noted authority on cancer, has often stated that if a person eats six to twelve apricot kernels per day, they will never have to worry about cancer. He recommends peach or cherry kernels as well. Contained within these kernels is a very small amount of a substance called nitriloside amygdaline (laetrile, Vitamin B-17). It goes directly to the cancer cell, stings it, and kills it. This is especially true of glandular cancers, such as the prostate and other glands. The same is true for moles on the skin and internal tumors.

     For moles, take Whole  

  Apricot internally and 

  also apply Whole Apricot

  and Oil of Cajeput, three

  times per day, to the area

  until corrected.


Once you taste apricot  kernels, you can recognize an accentuated almond taste. That is the part that kills cancer cells. It is also present in almonds, but to a much lesser extent. You may find your body is hungry for this taste and the truly wonderful effect it has. The safe rule is not to eat any more apricot kernels than you would of the apricot fruit during a day.


Dosage: 10 to 20 drops per day, as a daily maintenance. 40 drops to one tablespoon three times per day, if cancer in the body.   


Excerpt from Herbs for You - Build Better Health Naturally by Dr. A.B. Howard  

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