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...has a noble goal. We want to make therapeutic grade essential oils available to as many people as possible and in an affordable manner as much as possible. We truly want you to be able to experience the amazing power of this natural medicine.

We strive to be purists at every turn. We will not sell commercial quality oils.

The Oil Shoppe is also striving to educate people. We include as much information on each oil as seemingly possible on a web page, as well as the important safety information to use each essential oil properly. These essential oils are easy to use, but must be respected for their power. Too much of a good thing is not always good when it comes to aromatherapy.

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, TOS is a family owned corporation, specializing in essential oils and other aromatic raw materials, and sending them out to customers worldwide. We like to keep the personal touches we feel are so lacking in our corporate world today. Good service is our motto. Let us know how we can improve. Bringing top quality essential oils to you is an honor.

Coach Caroline Richer

An activated charcoal poultice recommended by her doctor and a son born a month early changed her life! After a case of mastitis was cured literally overnight with a simple charcoal poultice, she was left wondering what else natural marvel like this could do. Then when her third son was born a full four weeks premature with underdeveloped lungs and the new parents were instructed by their doctor to give their baby a breathing treatment any time he coughed once, Coach Caroline Richer was in search of answers.

Due to divine intervention, Caroline was introduced to aromatherapy, iridology and many other avenues of natural medicine while she was raising their seven young children. She was mesmerized by the unique approach this type of medicine provided to patients and saw firsthand the impact it had on their health and lifestyle. Thus began her journey to becoming a Master Iridologist with a Functional Medicine Blood Work Evaluation specialty. In July of 2015, she graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with her masters degree. After more course work in both homeopathic medicines and then more extensive course work in Functional Medicine Blood Work Analysis, she became a Functional Medicine Blood Work Specialist.

Always with the help and support of her husband, Coach Caroline owned and operated a health food store in their local town for over 15 years. There she met with hundreds of clients, designing nutritional supplement plans for them. She also helped thousands of store customers with advice, helpful knowledge and lots of smiles. Together, studies of herbs, nutrition, a masters degree in iridology, and a functional medicine blood work analysis specialization provide Coach Caroline with powerful healing tools and a knowledge base that brings the future of natural medicine to her clients today.

Currently these are the services she offers: Get Your Labs Reviewed By Coach Caroline, Personal Access Package, "I'm All-In" Inclusive Package, and FREE workshops on How to Read Your Own Labs.

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