Pepper Black Essential Oil 10 ml


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Warm, spicy, stimulating aroma. The aroma is comforting and energizing. Aphrodisiac, carminative, invigorating. Stimulates, strengthens the nerves and mind and gives stamina. Tonic for skeletal muscles. Try a little in blends. It supports the digestive system and has been studied for its effects on cellular oxygenation. It is useful for soothing muscle discomfort following exercise and for use before excessive sport. Stimulates appetite, expels wind and can be stimulating for the circulation. Has a beneficial effect on respiratory illnesses. Dilute 1:1 with carrier oil. This is a super quality oil.

Black Pepper oil is fresh and spicy with woody undertones. The pleasant aroma is sometimes described as dry and similar to black pepper used in cooking. The pungent notes in the spice however are not transferred in distillation so they are not present in the essential oil.

Even though Phellandrene is a main constituent the aroma of true black pepper oil cannot be duplicated.

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