Chili Pepper CO2 Total (Capsicum)


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Name: Chili Pepper (Capsicum) CO2 Extract Total, India

Species: Capsicum frutescens

Part : Fruit

Method : CO2 extraction

Class: Capsacin

Country: India

Chili Pepper (Capsicum) CO2 Total, India GREAT VALUE!!!* TOS's pricing is competitive with anyone for this product with Capsicum content no less than three percent. A GREAT VALUE! Excellent color and strength. Chili or Cayenne CO2 is a bright orangish-red viscous liquid with a characteristic Cayenne aroma. However, it is not the aroma that interests holistic healers and aromatherapists. The natural constituent, Capsaicin, is the source of both the heat and the reputed benefits of the material. The Capsaicin content can often be as low as 0.9 percent and as high as 6.0 percent. The reason for the range is the raw material used in the extraction. If seeds and the inner pepper are used the Capsaicin content will be greater. If the red outer pepper is used then the Capsaicin will be lower. (It is the outer pepper that imparts the natural bright color).TOS's resource does whole pepper extraction resulting in 2.9 to 3.5 percent Capsaicin. Capsaicin creams are available in concentrations of .025 to .075 percent without the intense color. Cayenne is referred to in several publications and books for various treatments and healing solutions. It is a MUST HAVE for a serious herbalist. In a book written by, White, Linda B. M.D. and Foster, Steven. "The Herbal Drugstore" Rodale 2000, there are 12 medical conditions that have been treated using some form of Capsaicin. These uses include arthritis, bruises, bursitis, minor abrasions, fibromyalgia and shingles. In another publication written especially for senior citizens it was listed as long-term pain relief. TOS does not recommend any specific use for Chili CO2. We do however, encourage our customers to conduct their own research and perfect their own experiments. There is an abundance of information available about this particular natural extract. Business opportunities for this product abound. Since the color and strength are so intense product could be blended with an appropriate carrier and rebottled for sale to an end user as a natural Cayenne compound. A 75 percent carrier blended with 25 percent of this Chili CO2 would still contain .875 Capsaicin. Even then it would not be advisable to use topically without additional dilution. This makes Cayenne a great resell component.

*And great pricing is right. If you have purchased Chili CO2 from us in the past, we apologize for the rise in price, but we just caught our error is basically paying you to buy it from us. We were way under cost. Corrections have been made, so we hope you still enjoy this amazing and wonderful extract!

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