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Roll-on Glass Bottle - Clear Glass


I keep a good supply of these around, and have one for most every essential oil and blend we have at home. I label each roll-on with a return address label and cover with shipping tape so it is impervious to the oil or moisture as it is used. I then fill (or partially fill) with essential oil or an essential oil blend. This allows application of the essential oil right where you need it (without having to get it on your hands). It also allows convenient grab-and-go bottles for travel. I have given a number of these to friends and family so that they can try a particular oil/blend to see how they like it, or to treat an immediate problem they have mentioned. Then when they see how amazing essential oil treatment is, they seek out The Oil Shoppe/Tea Spot on their own for more great products. Thus another believer in the benefits of natural treatments is born ;)
Date Added: 06/20/2010 by Rose Sorge
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