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Natural antihistamine for the pesky allergies. Apply to sinuses to relieve all the various allergy symptoms. If you use the same oil, on the same ... more info
This is the one my husband and I call "the miracle oil". When we discovered how well this oil worked on our then 7 year old son with allergies that ... more info
This evergreen tree, also known as pimenta berry, yields a beautiful oil produced by the water or steam distillation of the crushed berries using the ... more info
Androgyni (pronounced Androjinee) - This cologne is amazing! There are no other words to describe it. It is erotic and seductive to both men and ... more info


Angelica essential oil is digestive, expectorant, diuretic, stimulant, tonic, carminative and nervine; in aromatherapy, it is used in the treatment ... more info

Price: $7.50

Experts describe the aroma of Anise Seed essential oil as intensely sweet and clean. For decades it has been a flavoring used in candies, medicines, ... more info

Price: $15.00

The Biblical proportions of oils found in the Levitical Anointing Oil, mixed and ready for use.

Price: $19.50

Incredible medicated ointment formerly know as "Cancer Kill". Primary ingredient is 100% Pure Organic Clove Oil which has an ORAC rating of ... more info

Price: $29.80

One of my favorites to diffuse - just because I love the aroma... let alone the health properties! Just take a deep smell - it's Sandalwoods, ... more info
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